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  Translational Research
Grants Program

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Fellowship Program

SynCure’s interests are primarily directed towards research on new, innovative anticancer therapies, with particular interests on translational research. From time to time, SynCure will solicit proposals for research grants from scientists and clinical researchers at select U.S. universities or other non-profit cancer research institutions.

SynCure intends to support leading edge, translational research of both relatively young and well-established researchers. There are no pre-set limits on the funds awarded; that will depend on the funds available to SynCure at the time. Proposals will be selected by SynCure based on reviews by SynCure’s Scientific Advisory Committee. The awards may be used for salaries, graduate student or post-doctoral associate stipends, supplies, equipment, travel or other legitimate research expenses. SynCure does not pay for the indirect costs of research. SynCure's funds are limited. Therefore, SynCure does not generally consider unsolicited proposals.

SynCure is not accepting Grant Applications at this time but please check back for possible future grant opportunities.